Need some self care ideas ? I got you babe ♡

Need some self care ideas ? I got you babe ♡

If you feel like your body is calling for some attention, say no more, I got you covered honey ! ♡
You’ll find here a non exhaustive list of ideas you can use for some you time, gathered through life experiences, advices from the most loving people, and conversations with close friends ♡

If you know something that MUST be on this list to share with everyone, send me an email at or a DM on Instagram @playsweetlingerie !





Go for a walk, nature works best ! Any forest, park, etc will help, as we are deeply connected to these places in an energetic way. Don’t worry about listening to music or not, pick the one you like the most, and try to observe your thoughts from afar.

Take a bath if you can ! Pimp it with your favorite bath bomb, maybe essential oil, candles, flowers, music, lighting, etc. Once you’re there, do whatever you want, this time is for you ! Watch your fav show, relax without thinking, call a friend… there is no wrong way to do this ~

Practice EFT, which is a technique mixing acupressure (basically acupuncture without needles) and positive psychology. My go-to is definitely Gala Darling’s work, for which you can find some free content on her YouTube channel and if you enjoy it i would definitely recommend you to try her payable programs. These are in English and I haven’t really found a good French equivalent but I’m sure there are !

Hug yourself ! Trust me, this can do wonders ~ Sit if you can, close your eyes, hugs yourself and softly bounce around, as you would do for a small child. Try to do this until you deeply feel it’s enough, don’t force it though !

Make a list of things you’re grateful for, either if it’s events or material things, cause we stack bad things very easily, but you can actually do the same with the good ones ! As you write each of them, hold your hand to your heart and allow yourself to truly feel gratitude, the joy of the memory, or just the blessing. Take the time to deeply appreciate all of these and let your brain get flooded with happiness hormones ~

Listen to positive podcasts that help you grow, as Change Ma Vie (fr), Gala loves Everything (en), and sooo many more ! As podcasts, audio books are all a really great way to get these ideas in your mind to help you grow and get out of your usual patterns (find a few of them below)

Stretch your body ! Letting energy slowly flowing back into your body is a really nice and gentle way to relax, and to feel more into your body afterwards. You can either do it freely or follow one of the countless videos online to guide you ! I haven’t out enough practice into it to talk about it, but obviously Yoga would be an amazing way to do that too ~

Sing ! You might have already noticed, but it’s very hard if not impossible to think while you’re singing (with lyrics), your brain can very hardly focus on both, which makes it a great way to rest your thoughts and make some space in your head ~

Meditation is obviously also a great way to relax and grow, but it can be tricky for quite some time before feeling really comfortable. My advice is to do some guided meditation, and to start with short ones ! With time (depending on everyone) you will easily be able to get to a place where you can mentally press pause and 

Take your appointments ! If you’re like me and you always procrastinate on making your appointments to the dentist, osteopath, reflexologist, OBGYN, or to make random imagery for your various issues, please do yourself a favor and make the calls/pick your appointments online ! This is part of taking care of yourself, and once its done you can momie forward !

Indulge, honey ! It’s okay to feel down, sad, angry… It’s okay to feel ! If nothing works for you you can totally decide to just do nothing, watch a brain numbing tv show and eat ice cream (as long as you don’t overeat, because if you do you’re going to feel worse than initially, my tip for that is to tell yourself that our food wont disappear and can still eat it tomorrow) ! Order your fav food, spend the night with a friend or alone, just listen to your heart and body and follow their advices !




How to do the Work”, Dr Nicole LEPERA (English only for now)
A book destined to anyone wishing to do what it takes to heal themselves, reparent  there inner child, and learn to move free of their wounds.

The first self-development book i read, use this one to find the courage to step up and start creating the life of your dreams.

Unlimited Power”, Anthony ROBBINS
The basics and deep understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming with the best coach on earth hands down, I used the first few chapters of this book to heal my phobia of alcohol ( it was real trust me ).

The Law of Attraction”, Edith & Henry HICKS
Learn how the Law of Attraction works and acts with this interview-book and find clues to feel reassured about your pace in the universe and what to do to go even further.

The Four Agreements”, Don Miguel RUIZ
Four rules to apply to your life, this quick to read book is a perfect first step and/or a must have for anyone on the path to a beautiful life.

Femmes qui courent avec les Loups”, Clarissa PINKOLA ESTES (French only for now)
A fascinating book about the Woman through stories and their analysis, to reconnect with your powerful feminity and understand yourself better.

Jouissance Club”, Jüne PLA (French only for now)
A book around sexuality, its freedom, its techniques, for you to learn and feel more comfortable with your own body expression, whatever your gender or sex. 



(English accounts)

Dr Lepera’s account, where she freely gives so many advices and explanations around trauma healing, and the initiator or the Self Healer movement.

The pink goddess of EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique, acupressure+psychology ) and writer of various wonderful books, I’ve been following her for some time and her work has changed my life.

Cassie has been the one to motivate me enough to start working out everyday, with free videos, a free app, and, well, everything you need ! Moving is such an important part of feeling good and I know a few people even in France that she got on board for working out !

@selfcare4yu (not a typo)
A good way to get daily hints and reminders about growth, mental health, patterns..

Through short videos and pictures, they will guide you by having conversations with their Higher Self in everyday thoughts we all have, providing the answer to give yourself.


(French accounts)









Corina Nika (@cocorrina)
A Greek woman making absolutely magical illustrations, and who created her own Tarot, Oracle, but also Dream Journal, Tarot Journal, etc… Her creations are for me a must-have if you love magic practices.

Laura Coupeau (@lauracoupeau)
A French girl resting incredible brooches, earrings.. in acrylics, with delightful messages on them. While being chronically ill she manages to grow her lovely business and is even opening a physical shop !

Gabriella Rosie (@gabriellarosie)
An Australian woman creating oracle decks, shirts, and jewelry around self love, care and Badassery !

Sabrina Brugmann (@sasa_elebea)
Feminist quotes showcased in pretty and minimalist feminine illustrations. 


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