Okay but how the F am I supposed to put this on ??

Okay but how the F am I supposed to put this on ??

You’re new to harnesses and feel most in front of the pile of elastic in front of you ? It’s okay, we’ve all been there and are here to help you today !
Stop panicking, take a deep breath, tale a quick read and go rock this world ! ♡


First, if it’s your first time wearing one of our harnesses, congratulations for this bold move for yourself and thank you for trusting god’s us and allowing us to be part of your self love journey ! ♥️ Celebrate yourself cause you truly deserve it !


Then, here are a few things to help you out :

1. Keep a picture of what the harness looks like on a model or mannequin

2. Find either the top of the harness, or the waist ( depending on which one you’re working with right now )

3. Once you’ve found it make sure its untangled, see the “tube” inside, where your beautiful body goes

4. If it’s a full body harness, place your hand through the leg parts and waist, and put it on as if it was a swimsuit ! If it’s a top, put in on through your arms !

5. Don’t be afraid to pull on the elastics ! We take a special care at making sure the sewing is resistant so you can easily adjust if you put your leg or arm in the wrong place, so don’t worry ! Plus the elastics themselves are very stretchy so it’s  really safe to make adjustments for you !


Pictures and videos will come later but in the meantime i hope this is helpful for you ! If you still need some help dont hesitate to reach out through mail or even better, through social media so i can answer you as fast as i can ! ♥️ 

Have an awesome time, see you soon sweetie ♥️ 

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