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1:1 Baddie Coaching Session

1:1 Baddie Coaching Session

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If you arrived on this page Honey, I think it’s safe to assume you want more, from life, and mostly from yourself. 

You KNOW you have so much more in stock than what you’re displaying right now, and you just need a little push to access the next level of your life ❤️‍🔥
Well good news, you are indeed exactly where you need to be right now !
I have spent years looking for myself, trying healing techniques, discovering the tools that work best, having conflicted emotions about myself, moving forward step by step to unveil who I truly am and what is my purpose in life. 

And you know what ? My life’s goal is you baby ! 🔥
There is something very important you need to know right now : you are not alone in your struggles babe. I know it can sound obnoxious but trust me, if you’re going through anything today, you can be sure you are not the only one ! 
What I mean by that is that 1. You don’t have to face it alone, and 2. Some people out there have overcome what you’re going through today, and can help you find your answers easier and create the best solution for your unique self. 
Chances are I am one of them today Baby Girl. And I am indeed here to help you out.
Now of course we are all unique and no one has your life or has ever had it, but we also are all human, and all here on this planet to evolve and overcome all kind of obstacles, which even though they might not have the same faces, definitely share the same body. 

If you’re grieving, you’re not alone. 
If you’re having body issues, you’re not alone. 
If you’re struggling to find your purpose, you’re not alone. 
If you’re recovering from sexual trauma, you’re not alone. 

The first step to get your head out of the water is to ask for help Honey, and as hard as it may seem, depending on what you learnt throughout your unique life, it truly is a matter of a simple second. 

You can make the decision today, in a snap, and this very simple action will unlock a whole new world for you. This is the huge breathe you’ve been calling for ! 🌬
How long are you willing to struggle alone ?
Can you afford to waste more time battling on your own ?
How would your life change if you had the tools to make the changes NOW ?
You have the power to change absolutely everything in your life, book your 1:1 Baddie session with me today and together we will uncover your best next step to claim your power back, move forward and become, once again, the Main Character of your Life ❤️‍🔥

This 1:1 Baddie Coaching Session is a 1 hour long session with just you and me, if you want to take out the most out of it take some time prior thinking about what you want us to focus on, your questions, and remember to stay hydrated 💕
⚠️ When you book your session you will be sent a second email with a link to choose the best moment for you to have our session together, look out for it ♥️


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Shipping & Returns

Tous les retours sont acceptés dans les 14jours, si la pièce est non utilisée et propre.


Tu peux prendre ta taille habituelle, dans tous les cas c’est élastique, soit très souple (softie) soit réglable (Lux) !

Si tu hésites, sache que tu peux prendre en fonction du ressenti que tu souhaites, plus serré ou plus ample.

Care Instructions

Lavage à la main prioritaire, en machine uniquement sans les bijoux et dans un filet à lingerie, en cycle délicat.

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